Chuck Ferguson - N4CSF

TLARC Members and Guests,


Hello, everyone!  This is our invitation for you and your guests to attend our June face-to-face (F2F) meeting next Saturday afternoon at God's Cozy Acres.  We changed our normal monthly meeting schedule to coincide with TLARC's Field Day (FD) activities 26-27 Jun 21.  The specifics are as follows:


Date/Time:  Saturday, 26 Jun 21.  FD Setup - 8:00am EDT to 12:00 noon; Lunch - Immediately following FD setup; Meeting - 1:00pm EDT, before FD operations begin.  All available members are encouraged to be on deck to help with setup activities.

Location:  God's Cozy Acres, 2315 Big Sandy Rd, Philadelphia, TN  37846

Invitees:  TLARC members, partners/spouses, and guests

Attire:  All attendees are encouraged to wear their TLARC t-shirts, name tags, and comfortable work clothes.  COVID facemasks are OPTIONAL.


FD operations will commence at 2:00pm EDT, following our general business session.  Our hope is many TLARC members can remain onsite after the meeting to participate in and observe TLARC's FD station operations.  As discussed in previous meetings, we plan to operate voice, CW, and digital modes on the HF and possibly VHF/UHF bands.  Please take this valuable opportunity to learn more about and work modes/bands new to you.  There will be lots to learn that can enhance your Ham knowledge and experience as well as improve your emergency communications capabilities.


I intend to forward the draft minutes from our 19 May 21 monthly meeting for your review early next week.


Please join us for what will be a fun, informative, and productive Saturday.  Thanks again for all you do, and we look forward to seeing you on the 26th!


Chuck Ferguson
Secretary, Tellico Lake Amateur Radio Club

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