Last Call for NAQP

Juan Lopez

I will be submitting team names this morning at 0900 EST. This your last chance to let us know if you want to be assigned to the team.

The way this works: you get assigned to the TLARC team, you operate as a single operator from.your station, you submit your score t the contest organizer and they will combine the scores by callsign pre-registered to the team. Eery QSO counts! Even if you only 1 qso or 100.

George (N2APB) plans to potentially host operators during the day at his QTH as a multi-single under the Club call if folks choose to operate from his shack.

Juan will be operating full-timeĀ  as a single operator assigned to a team to maximize QSO rate and score.

Last Call, your full callsigns please.


Best Regards,
Galaxy S9

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