Hot air rework & soldering stations

George N2APB

If you are looking to get into soldering and kitbuilding, here are a couple of inexpensive "hot air rework & soldering" stations that some say work okay. (I use something else: X-Tronic 4000.)


This first one (from Banggood) costs less than $40 shipped in the US from a US location with a note that delivery should be about 1 week.  It has a convenient base that can be wall mounted. The hot air gun can hook into the wall mount but not the soldering iron. There appears to be 3 different hot air tips. Separate adjustments for soldering iron and hot air output with a digital display. No idea of the quality but at this price, if it lasts a year or two it might be considered to be a disposable tool.


Similar to this is one from Amazon but without the branding:


You're dancing with the devil either way (China or Big Tech), but the prices and free shipping are better than $xxx prices from the usual high-quality vendors like Weller.


73, George N2APB



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