N2APB emails getting snagged

George N2APB

Hi all,

For some reason the domain in my email (midnightdesignsolutions) is getting
caught in a lot of spam filters lately, resulting in my individual emails
(not those on the list like this) getting dumped into your spam folder and
thus being 'missed'.

Although it depends on the email browser, if you find one of my emails in
the spam filter/junk folder, you can try right-clicking on it (instead of
double-clicking to open it) and then select "Not Junk", or "Never Block This
Sender". Usually your browser will thereafter not filter and toss it into
the spam/junk folder.

I say all this because you may think I haven't replied to questions posed
privately, as derived from this list; when in actuality we are in a
frustrating deadlock.

I'm trying to resolve this, as well as bringing up a new email.

Thanks for helping..

73, George N2APB

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