Juan AC6ZM and Randy WK9M do it again!

George N2APB

The records are in for the 2020 160 Meter Contest and AC6ZM and WK9M took first place for TN, operating out of K0EJ (Mark) station in Soddy Daisy, TN.  They traveled home for daytime break and drove back to the shack for the evening hours since 160 meters is primarily a night time band. Juan and Randy missed a clean sweep, but logged 57 of 63 sections, working all 49 states (missed ND) and missed the following VE-land sections LB, NF, NT, NU, and YT.)


  Rig: TS-590S Kenwood

  Amp: Alpha 78

  Xmit Antennas: Inverted-L with 120 radials

  RCV Antennas: Four 800 ft. beverage antennas

  Logging: N1MM+


Way to go guys!  The TLARC contesting team rocks!


73, George N2APB



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