Drill press and v-block


Juan and I were emailing each other back and forth about the QST article on November 2020, pg. 38.

In this article there is a suggestion to add hinge pins to your masts so that you can lock them in place.  Juan and I both don't have a drill press or tubing v-block that will let you center round objects and drill a hole on the exact peak.

The goal is to drill all of the holes in the tubing such that they line up and are still interchangeable with each other no matter which mast you grab.  If one is 1/4" off to the right and another is 1/8" off to the left then that's not too universal.  You get the idea; exact center as much as possible.

If you have something or an idea reply to this and let us know; most likely Juan may want to pay you a visit (and I am curious how you'd do that).


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