Re: 160m contest - this weekend


Minor typo below; the club call is KN4DUA and not KN4DUI.  (So everyone doesn't have to email me back on that one, LOL).

On 1/24/2021 11:23 PM, RK wrote:
Just a heads up everyone--another reminder will go out on the Wednesday TLARC net but I won't send out another email after this one unless it is a reply to all.

This coming weekend is the CQWW 160m CW contest that a few others and myself have been planning for out at God's Cozy Acres for the last few months.  The gate is here and will be open while someone is there:
35.689393°, -84.520015°

Some of us will be there the whole weekend; everyone is invited to come by for a little visit or stay overnight as you like.  The official start time is Friday at 5PM, and it ends Sunday at 5PM. Most of the activity is sundown to sunrise on 160m.  Typically we leave early Sunday morning unless someone really wants to operate during the day (very slow going) and in that case please come Saturday or let me know ahead of time that you'll be there during the day to operate Sunday.  Since this more of a casual contest we're not doing a sign-up sheet.  I typically bring some soup and canned food to microwave; but also snacks and drinks to share if someone is hungry.  The bathroom and shower in the small house will be open; be quiet if you can (in case someone is sleeping).

160m contests are typically slower paced being a single band and an even playing field as there are no 160m Yagi antennas.  We'll have a computer and radio decoder there as well.  You can use the computer to send CW, send with the paddles, or you can bring your own key/bug.  If you want a faster pace, calling CQ will occasionally test your pileup skills at night.  Juan's bringing an amplifier and I'll bring my TS-590SG.  If you want to use your own radio we can accommodate that as well if you give me a little notice.  (Radio needs to have a straight-key jack in back and your power cord w/ Powerpoles or bring your power supply).

If you can't make it and have a 160m antenna available, we'll either be using Juan's call or my call like we have in the past if you're able to make a QSO.  Both the club call (KN4DUI) and Juan's call (AC6ZM) take the same amount of time to send; mine is a little shorter.  If you want to try your call enter it here at this link below in the box and hit 'Measure' below that box. Allan (K1AT) is the lucky one in the club at only 2.6 seconds to send (at 20wpm). :)


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