Re: Using Sound Card Interfaces with New PC's or Laptops

George N2APB

Sorry on the name Roger.




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Hi Ron,


We see lots of audio interface variations in the Phaser FT8 Transceiver group and there hasn’t been one we haven’t been able to get working, regardless of the age of the computer/laptop or whether the standard /8” 3-circuit ‘stereo’ plugs or the 4-circuit ‘combiner’ plug for just a single jack are used.  At the end of the day, audio comes out of the computer and audio goes to the computer.


If you have doubts about using one of the audio in/out combiners,  you could try one of the inexpensive ‘USB Sound Adapters’, as a number of us use for connection to the Phaser rig.  I use one and it’s great for providing separate audio in and out lines to the rig.  Mine is called 3D Sound and is shown here …


If you have any problems or further questions, I’d be happy to help you offline, either here at my shack or yours.


73, George N2APB


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Subject: [TLARC] Using Sound Card Interfaces with New PC's or Laptops


I have been using an MFJ-1275 sound card interface for several years for digital modes like psk31 and more recently, FT8.  My model uses RS-232 serial input for control from the laptop and patch cords to the mic and external speaker and line level jacks on the laptop.  And the 8-pin cord to my Ic-735.

I use usb to rs-232 converter dongles to provide the control for the 1275 and for CAT to my Icom 735.

All works just fine.

My concern is the age of the laptop I use for my Ham activities.

My "newer" laptop that I will use sometime in the future doen't have separate jacks for mic in/spkr out.  I know there are splitters available to separate the channels.  I am concerned they might not be sufficient to work with my 1275 interface.  Especially after an eham posting about hardships with Win10 laptops to use the external split rather than the built in speakers.

Does anyone have experience along this line?  Success or failure?

Thanks - 73,

de KB4VL





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