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Juan Lopez


Nice Job so far. I pulled up the site on my PC. I will let you know how it looks on the cell web browser. The banner on the home page is nice.

Under the contesting tab on the left of the home page, put a link to and

You might also want to include our club call some where in the banner. It is KN4DUA. You can use the picture attached as it is what shows up on

Also, attached is an ARRL award for the RTTY contest we participated in. You might want to post it on the website.




From: <> on behalf of George N2APB <n2apb@...>
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2018 5:05 PM
Subject: [TLARC] Club Website ....
Hi all,

The first version of our new website is up and on its wobbly legs now! ...

We are adding more and more content in the coming days/weeks, and hope to make this a useful service to all members, and to draw in new hams from local (and distant) areas.

The purpose is to provide easily-accessible, useful and interesting information relating to our TLARC activities and to the specific interests of all our members.

For example:
1) The "basics" are along the top menu banner:  Membership, Meeting Recaps, Photo Gallery, etc.
2) Quick Links column on the left for often-used informational links, grouped by topics of interest to club members.  My own is "Boat Anchors" and homebrewing, and I sense there are other topics of interest such as Contesting, Field Ops, QRP, ARES, and more.  Want to see a specific topic listed here?  Just let me know and we can work to get some good links representing those too!
3) The big Club News section in the middle is intended to present timely information such as the upcoming Hamfest, verious contests and club-related activities.

Anyway, there's lots more to come and I hope to work with you all to make this a useful resource for everyone on the club.

Please check it out and let us know your thoughts!

73, George N2APB
TLARC Webmaster

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