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George N2APB

Hi all,

We had a terrific meeting last night at the Chota Rec Center, where vice president Juan AC6ZM presented on our FD 2018 Survey Results and demonstrated WebSDR for us all (amazing!).  Recaps coming separately.  

We also had some discussion on rev'ing up the "member communications" aspect of our club ... and that's where this email and invitation comes into play.  This email group on "groups.io" is very popular now in ham circles and is a great (private) way for everyone to easily communicate with others, post photos and documents for the others to see, and generally stay better in touch regarding club activities. More info once you accept the invite and and start reading the email blog on the main page. All you need to do to post a message for all to see is to send an email to tlarc.groups.io, or just reply to the message you're currently viewing on the board itself.

This groups.io email board is Part 1 of our "member communications" effort.  Part 2 is the club website, which is being constructed right now and will soon be online as the main landing page for all things TLARC.  We've secured our domain (www.tlarc.org) and it will be live in pretty quick order.  More details soon, but it will be better (and cheaper) than TellicoLife, and way more flexible!

So let us all know what you like and don't like about the direction our "club communications" is heading, or even feel free to contact me directly about it.

73, George N2APB
n2apb (at) MidnightDesignSolutions (dot) com

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