TEN-TEC Legacy Nets - Celebrating the 46 Year Legacy of TEN-TEC® 1968 - 2014. As of 05/28/2022, 253 Members Muster to "Keep the Original TEN-TEC® Story Alive!" A Warm Welcome to New Members Brandon-KO4YJA and Rick-KF0HUK TENTECLEGACYNETS@groups.io

TEN-TEC Legacy SSB/CW Nets Schedule

  • Saturday - 80m SSB Net, 6AM ET/10Z, +/- 3.927MHz
  • Sunday - 40m SSB Net, 12:30 ET/17:30Z, +/- 7.195MHz
  • Sunday - 40m CW Net, 12:30 - 1:45 ET, +/- 7.060MHz
Note: TTL SSB Nets utilize Netlogger as the primary Check-in method with CQ calls mixed in once the Netlogger queue is logged.

The TEN-TEC Legacy Nets follows in the footsteps of "America's Best" - TEN-TEC® The First 46 Years - founded by Al Kahn and Jack Burchfield. 

If this is your first visit, suggest clicking on the Messages tab to evaluate the content and if it looks like a Group you would like to call home (and we hope you will!) scroll to the bottom of this page and select:
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The TTLN is a Member-Led, Member-Participation Group

Prospective Members:

Please review the following Position Statements
The TEN-TEC Legacy Nets:
  • "Keeps the Original TEN-TEC® Story Alive" based on the company's 46 years of Innovation, Quality, Performance, Value, and products backed by Legendary Support
  • Celebrates the original TEN-TEC® Company founded in 1968 and sold in 2014 
  • Features a Certificate Program recognizing Check-in achievement
  • Netlogger serves as the primary SSB Check-in tool with CQ Calls intermixed / CW net is QNI
  • Maintains no prior or current financial interest in the TEN-TEC® company
  • Maintains contact with legacy TEN-TEC® Management 
  • Provides full transparency and disclosure
  • Provides "Best Practices" Nets that follow FCC Part 97 Rules = no "ownership" of frequencies, prefaced by respectful "frequency in use" calls
  • Provides Nets that are comment-friendly
  • Provides Nets celebrating New Members and welcoming to First-Time Check-ins
  • Provides Nets that begin with priority QRP and Mobile Check-ins
  • Provides timely, high quality, accurate Net Reports and narratives
  • Maintains a TEN-TEC® etc. Radio Repair Referral List
  • Offers technical assistance in a courteous manner
If these Position Statements "resonate" and you wish to become a Participating Member, WELCOME!

Membership requires an email address that ideally matches the applicant's callsign/email contained within the QRZ.com database.  

Applicants requiring an email accomodation
, contact marc@w4ovt.org

On behalf of our esteemed Membership, we look forward to celebrating YOU as our newest TEN-TEC Legacy Net Member!


TTLN Founder & Facilitator  
Marc Bowen - W4OVT* 
Greensboro, NC

*- Vanity Call for the Patriot Militia who traveled the "Overmountain Victory Trail" to defeat the British Army at the Battle of Kings Mountain on October 7, 1780.  More than any other Revolutionary War battle or skirmish, these brave Frontiersmen sealed America's Independence...Hip Hip HUZZA!!!

The TEN-TEC Legacy Net is a registered IRS 501(c)(3) Non-profit d.b.a. "Welcome to Amateur Radio" Federal EIN 47-3403543
Affiliation with the current TEN-TEC® company is neither expressed or implied

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