GMRS News #Announcements

Bill Hansen - N1AST

Hello TARA,
My name is Bill Hansen.  I am a member of the Rim Country Amateur Radio Association out of Heber/Overgaard.(  I recently joined the TARA Assn.
The Rim Association has recently recognized the benefit of GMRS Licensees being allowed to become members.
Being a relatively new participant in Amateur radio, (2 years) I see the benefit's of both Ham and GMRS licensee's in the same organization. 
I have attached a weblink of the community in Eager/Springerville who have divided their community into sectors and weekly conduct a "Wellness Check-in" of all of their participants on FRS/GMRS Radios.   
This past Summer I met Rick and Bruce from TARA and we have been exchanging ideas.  One thing that we the Rim Country Assn are planning is a Field Day in June.  We are coordinating the date of this event between the Rim Country Assn and the TARA group so the TARA group could participate.   We think it would be great to work with all and it would be a great time to exchange ideas for future projects.  I will be sending out a flyer announcing the date in February.   

Please check out the attached website.  I think you all will have a great appreciation of this communities planning.


Bill Hansen