ZSR offline timetable software

Martin Baumann

Only main stations appear when you start the programme. To be able to type in many more stations make sure "stanice (vlak)" is selected in the drop down menu next to Zoznam near the top on the left. This menu may disappear. If so it can be brought back by clicking anywhere in the "Cez" (via) box whether or not anything is written there

Once you use the "stanice (vlak)" you will be able to get Swiss trams and buses as well as trains

Martin Baumann

Martin Baumann

Martin Baumann

2020 version

Instructions are only in Slovak but google translate helped.

This year you need to install both

Inštalačný súbor aplikácie PCVnutro.exe


Súbor s dátami pre spoje osobnej vlakovej dopravy k CP 2019/2020 pre Slovensko Vlak20Sk.exe

both of which are towards the middle of the page