Withdrawal of ex BT NPZ

Martin Baumann

Bodensee-Toggenburg put 6 NPZ units into service in 1982, RBDe 4/4 71 to 76. These became SOB 566 071 to 076. All except 72, currently stored serviceable, and 75 have already been withdrawn and the other two will go at the timetable change.

DSF are running a farewell special on December 15th: (Must be booked via this page)

Martin Baumann

72 and 75 are both now stored serviceable 72 will be used for the special train already mentioned and will then be used for spare parts by DSF at Koblenz for ex TRN 567 184


It will be sad to see the last of the classic compositions go. When I lived in Wollerau when I was young, there would be a train with a BDe 4/4, either SOB or Bodensee Toggenburg, almost every hour, as trains rotated between the long runs to Arth Goldau and Luzern, the locals to Biberbrugg and Einsiedeln and the occasional SBB run on the same route.
The BT RBDe 4/4 were introduced a decade after I returned to Canada. I did ride on one in 1985, when I was back in Switzerland on vacation. It was not until 1998 that I got to ride on one of the SOB's NPZ own trainsets. I remember reading about an announced model from SMF in 1985. I did not know until much later that a model had later been released by Ferro-Suisse. In any case, the model was DC and I am running AC. I did pick up two of the SOB NPZ sets from Liliput.
I guess it would have been nice if DSF could have got it's hands on both of the remaining units and kept one for spares to support the other and the ex-TRN unit.

I have fond memories of the green BT trainset framed by the roof of the St. Gallen Bahnhof with it's large Maestrani sign.
At least we will still have the chocolate... I won't be in Switzerland to take this final ride.


Mike C