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Am 22.07.2019 um 18:22 schrieb Martin Baumann:
After the rumours about buying Chinese equipment it has now been
announced that Westbahn have ordered 15 6 car KISS units from
Some more details from local (Swiss) newspapers and local (Westbahn) sightings:

I haven't seen more than one EMU in a train until now but some trains are made up of only one four car unit. Patronage seems to be good. Nevertheless the main owner of Westbahn said that he has lost EUR 80m until now. But he will continue.

Due to the currently very low capital costs, Westbahn put a bid for 15 6-car double deckers with 5 different manufacturers. It seems that they can reduce their annual costs with this deal.

On the other hand, DB is glad to have trains that really run and will use them instead of ... Bombardier double deckers! in Brandenburg, Sachsen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (East Germany). DB says that these trainsets reached the highest customer satisfaction.

Rumors say that Peter Spuhler was VERY active behind the scene.

Another rumor has it that CRRC wouldn't have been able to buy an ETCS-equipment from any European manufacturer for these trains, thus approval would have become very difficult.

CRRC ante portas. But not yet in...

Markus, Gürbetal (currently Gmunden)

Martin Baumann

12 car trains operated Wien Westbahnhof-Salzburg in the past at peak times such as Friday afternoon but I don't think they have operated 2 sets together since the Praterstern-Meidling-Salzburg route started. (This will be suspended for two years from Decemeber 2019)

Max Wyss

One point mentioned in the article in Railway Gazette International is that
Westbahn, not being a public entity, can shorten the procurement process,
whereas it would have taken way too long for DB to procure new rolling
stock. Getting the well-maintained Westbahn trains is a boon for DB, as
well as for Westbahn. And they say that they did get a good deal with