SBB & SOB 09/12/2019

Keith Hookham

Not much to report as just made my way from Zürich Flughafen to Luzern.
Saw/had/flagged the following.
EC195 running as 30195 13.03 Zürich - München due to missing out stations due to Swiss equivalent of Max Mole was 421383.
IC2649 13.04 Zürich - Luzern 460115
SOB IR2581 14.39 Luzern - St Gallen brand new cart
SOB IR2576 13.03 St Gallen - Luzern 456096 leading with 456091 on the rear.

Cheers Keith.

David Prior

Hi Keith

Many thanks for this. As a farewell to the VAE (well, before it’s technically booked for plastic from Saturday), I’m aiming to give it a thrash on Thursday.

I’m trying to track the diagrams this week to work out where to intercept what, so will very gladly read any Gen you note over the next couple of days.

The 456 pairings have been 91/95 and 93/96 recently so that’s already good to know about a swap. One set has also been running with a single 446 as well - poss 018. If I’m interpreting correctly this set should be on diagram 790.5 tomorrow, although it finishes in Herisau tonight, which is high risk for a cart swap.

Cheers for posting



Am 09.12.2019 um 20:26 schrieb David Prior via Groups.Io:
As a farewell to the VAE
Obviously some coaches are already moving Westwards

Train des Mouettes <> bought
A 50 85 18-35 715-9
A 50 85 18-35 718-3
B 50 85 20-35 726-2
B 50 85 20-35 730-4

Markus, Gürbetal

Martin Baumann

The set with 446 018 was running with 561 174. It is expected to be withdrawn today, 10.12.2019, according to an SOB employee posting on Bahnforum

Martin Baumann

The set mentioned above is confirmed withdrawn. As previously reported the Re 4/4 IV (446) will be going to EDG and 016 left SOB today, it is now Re 91 85 4 446 016-8 CH-EDG


Please clarify what you mean by Max Mole and what is a new cart?

Mike C