SBB - BLS various bits 10/10/2019

Keith Hookham

Hello & here is some “gen” from the last couple of days in
Switzerland. Mainly I have been doing track, units & trams as well as
having a meeting but the following have been noted.
09/10 11164 GPE train.

10/10 New unit 501003 stood on test at Stein-Säckingen. Also 501002 I
believe seen running into Zürich also on test. Also at Kaiseraugst (I
think it is called) the following were seen waiting to meet the
cutting touch. 420231 & a n other. A red AE 6/6, various RBS units
surplus to requirements & a set of SOB Volrapen Express coaches.

I also had a meeting with my BLS contact who confirmed that the 420s
will only last until 2021 when the new FLIRTS take over.
The Brown bombers have about 3 more years left. The car shuttles will
be taken over then by 465s eventually. Out of the RE425s left they
hope at least one more will go to Historic.
The 465s will come off the service to La Chaux-de-Fonds to also be
replaced by the new FLIRTS. Finally the Bern-Biel service will be
going from SBB to BLS from December and the SBB 511s will be replaced
by new 515s.

Cheers Keith.

David Prior

Hi Keith

I pass Thommen scrap merchants at Kaiseraugst in a regular basis to/ from work, and I reported the Loks you saw a while back. If you’re interested 11232 is with 11166, and the 610 is 11456.