New alternative point to point Swiss timetable search engine


Fahrplanfelder, the go to site for the Swiss timetable PDFs has a new point to point timetable search engine starting with the new timetable on 15/12

Basic point to point option already available, 'personal timetable' and 'customised departure board' obviously planned but currently showing as 'not yet available'

It offers a very nice compact/concise view of your chosen connection - a very nice alternative to the SBB/Hafas type online timetable search - especially IMHO for experienced railway travellers and for those occasions when you don't want to buy a ticket so don't want an online timetable search cluttered up with fare purchase options

Several nice features, including:
a) tight compact vertical listing (but each separate train instantly expandable to see calling points by clicking on a plus sign) for your chosen itinerary
b) one or more individual results can be selected for printing
c) small at a glance symbols (a loco represents trains) to show how many different trains (or other mode) you will travel on, eg a sample Zurich Airport to Vitznau I did showed three consecutive connections, one with 1 train 2 bus, one with 2 train 2 bus and one with 3 train 1 bus

Paul Burkhalter

Thank you Gordon, and I agree it is very nicely laid out.