Re 4/4 II/III

Martin Baumann

11120 and 11360 went for scrap today.

11360 was allegedly damaged in an accident last year in Langenthal but no details have been made public


On a more positive note - and I can't recall this being mentioned on here before - 11118 has returned to service. This was the loco that went through the shed doors at Buchs and collided with the stock inside a while back, so I was somewhat surprised to see it in service this week, given the introduction to service of the new Bombardier sets.

Also noted during the last week were a handful of Cargo Re4/4 IIs with drop down Scharfenburg/Dellner-type couplers. 11278 was one of those seen. The couplers are lifted up when not required (a bit like the UK Class 57/3 "Thunderbirds") and the TSI number is moved to one side.