SZU Zürich closure

Martin Baumann

No SZU trains Zürich HB to Selnau 13.07.2019 to 01.09.2019 both inclusive due to track replacement

Monday to Friday will see some peak hour trains diverted to Zürich Wiedikon, using the Giesshübel to Wiedikon line normally only used in passenger service by Zürcher Museums Bahn steam specials a few times per year:

0600 Langnau-Gattikon to Wiedikon 0618 repeats every 20min until 0820/0838
1600 Langnau-Gattikon to Wiedikon 1618 repeats every 20min until 1900/1918

0609 Wiedikon to Langnau-Gattikon 0630 repeats every 20min until 0829/0850
1609 Wiedikon to Langnau-Gattikon 1630 repeats every 20min until 1909/1930

Martin Baumann

The Wiedikon trains will be worked by the SZU's two Re 450 plus an additional one leased from SBB. SZU Re 4/4 (456) are not permitted between Giesshübel and Wiedikon as they do not have ETM equipment