Re: Re 4/4 II 2020

David Prior

Hi Martin

A big „thank you“ for working this out and posting. It’s a great and very helpful file.

I noticed that 1839 21:57 Lausanne-Brig is listed, which Reisezüge has listed as a 460 turn.

On looking into the Lake Geneva commuters a bit deeper, at Lausanne we have three trains terminating in a morning (1554, 6056, 6058) and three trains starting in an evening (1571, 6069, 6071). All checks out.

At Geneva though, there are three morning arrivals (1904, 1906, 1908), but only two evening departures (1927, 1929). In the previous TT, the missing evening eastbound Service would have been 1931, but this doesn’t appear to be a valid code any more. I can’t see running an ECS on such a heavily-used route.

Any ideas what us the missing hauled balancing working is ? I haven’t solved it yet ..,


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