SBB TPC MGB 13/01/2020

Keith Hookham

So having tried time and again to get haulage on BVB loks 31 & 32 which run on the TPC network from Villars Sur Ollon - Col De Bretaye, I tried again.
Caught 460087 on IC704 from Bern - Lausanne to connect in with 07.50 (IR1809) towards Aigle. This turned up with 11193 on banger stock.
Due to the Youth Olympic Games there were loads of people about but managed to get the front seat on the shires from Aigle to Villars. Duly arrived to Cow Bell city with thousands in Villars all seemingly supporting someone. God knows who. Massive queue to get on the train towards Col. Managed to get on the platform at first attempt though and flagged cart 82. Then had a chat with Bert who advised that 31 had a defect but 32 was just coming out of the shed to work an additional at 09.15. That has happened before though and then it promptly failed on me last year and went straight back onto the shed. As I was already on the platform and everyone else was behind the barrier I walked up to the front end and there was 32. So kept everything crossed that it didn’t fail and fortunately this time it duly departed at 09.15. It also worked back on 09.45. Others on the hill were all units 81, 83 & 92.
Then made way to MGB.
460049 IR1815 11.22 Aigle - Visp
MGB 52 R352 15.25 Täsch - Brig
460117 IC1080 17.20 Brig - Bern

Cheers Keith.

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