Re: Zentralbahn Hergiswil double track


Am 18.11.2019 um 23:21 schrieb Martin Baumann:
The Hergiswil deviation opened today 18.11.2019 after a line closure
between Luzern Allmend and Alpnachstad that started on 28.10.
This is the last bit of a Luzern - Hergiswil improvement plan that had been taken into the list of urgent projects for suburban traffic by the national parliament in 2006. Most of the project was terminated by 2012, when the Allmend tunnel opened. But the bit in Hergiswil was delayed by lengthy discussions about possible alternatives, which finally proved too expensive but then again led to a better project in terms of noise protection and protection against flood. Now finally, after 13 years, it's there.

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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