Re: Appenzeller Bahnen vehicles sold


Sorry Martin, I never replied you on this one.

The world speed record on meter gauge was reached by a Régie Abidjan-Niger (RAN) ZE 200 on 26.11.1976 on the realigned line between Dimbokro and Bouaké at 160 km/h, well above what RhB claims it to be.

On 1067mm, the record lies in South Africa, with SAR 6E1 E1525 on 31.10.1978 between Westonaria and Midway at 245 km/h.

RhB (and MGB) have some dubious claims, they also claim to operate the slowest express train in the World, however the 'Express International' between Abidjan and Ouagadougou nowadays (this wasn't always the case) operates at speeds below those of the Glacier Express (36 hours to cover 1145 km).

Rgds, Thomas.

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