Re: Zentralbahn spur and tunnel near Sarnen


Am 08.09.2019 um 15:05 schrieb Chris Wood via Groups.Io:
I think that it is probably not a coincidence that both these two
tunnel sidings (at Sarnen and Brienzwiler) are close to current or
former Swiss Air Force bases. Probably serving munition stores.
My dear, you are moving deeply into speculations. Have you served in the Swiss Army? Have you read books about the role of railways for the Swiss Army? There are such sidings far off airfields like the one at Steinerberg on SOB.


And don't forget that the Brünig line is in the area of the "Réduit". All logistic functions necessary for an army were available at underground places within the "Réduit".

As for Hawker Hunters, certainly underground bunkers were used for
the storage and servicing of these and other aircraft. See
But these bunkers were and are in places that can be reached from the airfields without crossing rivers or railways. In Brienzwiler you can easily detect where the place is, South of the airfield.

The site connected to the Brünig line had another function. The special thing here is, that it was a drive-through facility, as can be seen from the maps. S&W showed a later state where the Eastern point was gone.

You might go back in time looking at the maps. You will see that the airfield wasn't shown on the map even in 1990.

Markus, Gürbetal

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