Re: SBB Cargo locos

Heléna Moretti

Csipromo asked “I was not aware of the breakdown of the fleet between SBBC and SBBIN. I assumed that all of the inland loks were with SBBC.
I knew that the Re 482 were primarily used by SBBCD, along with a number of MRCE 185 and a few ELL 193s. The Re 474 and 484 were shared by SBBC and SBBCI.
SBBIN was operating the leased MRCE ES64F4, ELL and LokRoll 193 MS units.
Can anybody provide a breakdown of which Re 6/6 belong to SBBIN and what trains they are used for?”
SBB International Re6/6:

620.062-072; 620.074-089


11162/3, 420.165, 11256, 11261, 11267, 11280/1, 11286, 11305, 11319/320, 11324, 11326-332, 11334-349


11350/1, 11358


421.385-388 and perhaps 390.

That is how it was in January 2019 but may well have evolved


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