Border crossing


After the explanations about the special ownership of infrastructure around Basel and Schaffhausen, a survey about the situation at other border crossings:

The regular case is a brake at the border itself, as it is also the case on the Waldshut - Koblenz Rhine bridge. Different situations exist at the following points:

- Bülach - Schaffhausen line crosses Germany without connecting there to the German network. The line is owned by SBB and built to Swiss standards but under German laws.

- BLT-line through Leymen (France) is owned by BLT.

- RhB-line to Tirano is owned by RhB, including the station.

- The Austrian lines from Bregenz and Feldkirch are owned by ÖBB until the entry into the stations of St. Margrethen and Buchs. There for ÖBB has a Swiss concession for the two times a few hundered meters of Infrastructure.

Another exception had originally been the Genève - La Plaine line, built and owned by the French company PLM. But this line was taken over by the Swiss Confederation in 1913 and is now SBB-owned.

Markus, Gürbetal

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