Re: Zürich Tram line 2

Chris Wood

Martin Baumann writes:

Kappeli to Farbhof closed at end of traffic 12.07.2019 and will not see timetabled trams again until 02.09.
Andrew Moglestue writes:

You rightly say the section will not see timetabled trams. Of course there will still be tram movements as this line accesses the main workshops.
Kappeli is the stop just to the east of the access to the main workshops. As it doesn't have a turning loop, then I guess that the intention must be to terminate the service trams either by using the depot access as a Y, or by using a loop within the workshops themselves. If I'm right, then the section up to the workshop will see more trams than just those needing the services of the workshops.

Or I have I made an assumption too far.

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