Just back from some travels and have a few questions


Around the station in Au, Zurich, there were two small shunters with a few old style coaches, I think one in red/beige, one in blue/beige and one in green.
Does anybody have any information on these?

While travelling from Luzern to Bern via Entlebuch, I spotted a few restored BLS EWI in green, a SBB EWI diner (self service type) as well as at least one former Goldenpass coach.
I don't remember if it was Langnau or Konolfingen. It might have been Extrazug.ch (Langnau).

I did get to ride a lot of trains and take some routes that I had not yet been on.

I did not get to ride on the Giruno, the Twindexx, nor the new SOB Flirts.

Here's the list of the new experiences:
TI ETR 610 (mit UIC 85 Nummer)
SBB RABe 503 (SBB ETR 610)
BLS Mutz
SBB RABe 511 (ZVV und Reseau)
SBB RABe 514
ZB New Bombardier trains

I saw the BLS EWIII (ex-SBB) with new GoldenPass markings.
They seem to have made more modifications to the coaches as well.

I did manage to squeeze in one final run on the Revvivo Voralpen Express between Herisau and Arth-Goldau.


Mike C

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