Re: Bombardier 185 vs 188

Ewan Tait

On 24 Jun 2019, at 17:29, csipromo via Groups.Io <> wrote:

More specifically, the 185 was an AC locomotive derived from the earlier 145/146. This also includes the SBB 482 and BLS 485.
Bombardier developed the Re 484 (Multisystem) from the 185 and from the 484, they developed European multisystem loks under the class 186.
Bombardier introduced the latest version of the 185 AC under the model 187. The multisystem version of the 187 is the new class 188, which is currently being tested in Switzerland, primarily on the BLS network.

These new generation locomotives (186, 188) can be used on multiple networks (subject to homologation) and technically could be used to pull a train from start to finish, eliminating traction change at borders or where networks use different systems.

The AC locos can operate across borders in much the same was the multi-system locos. The difference is that the MS locos can operate under both AC and DC OHLE systems, where as the AC locos are AC only. There are also DC only TRAXX locos, diesel TRAXX locos and both AC and DC (and no doubt in the future, MS) TRAXX locos with a last mile Diesel engine to enable them to shunt away from the wires.



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