Re: IC 2000 Coach Renovations


Am 15.06.2019 um 18:49 schrieb csipromo via Groups.Io:
I have seen photos of at least one or two IC 2000 (Dosto) train
consists with a new livery. This new look is very similar to the
colours chosen for the RABe 502 (Twindexx) trains. My question is
whether this new livery will also eventually be applied to the RABe
511, 514 and other classes as well?
Until now, SBB applied new liveries in the moment when a general modernization was made. See EW4, IC-coaches, NPZ etc. 514 has a Zürich livery (blue) and will remain different. 511 is still quite far away from a modernization... (until then, a new person might be responsible for liveries)

Does anybody know where the new livery trains will be running in
early July?
Not sure if they will be running. It was announced that they will be put into service as complete consists, "as far as possible". Until now, none of the redesigned coaches appeared in a regular service.

Markus, Gürbetal

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