Public Star Party at Peralta Trail Elementary School - Saturday, September 4, 2019


Welcome to Fall and our first event of the 2019-2020 observing season. On Saturday, September 4th, we will host a regularly scheduled public star party at Peralta Trail Elementary School from 7:00 to 9:00pm. 

At this point, the weather looks very promising with evening temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. 

The Moon will be 50% illuminated (First Quarter) and as such will provide us with terrific views of lunar craters along what's called the "terminator" (the shadow line separating lunar day and night). Saturn will be visible a short 3° to the upper right of the Moon and should make for a beautiful pairing, even without a telescope; in fact especially without a telescope (bring binoculars if you can.) As the Moon and Saturn settle in the Western sky, Cygnus the Swan will be easily visible, along with the Milky Way, and a nice telescopic target - M27, the Dumbell Nebula, along with the rich star fields and nebulae towards the center of the Galaxy. 

For a recap of the current status and schedule, visit:  (Current schedule attached.)
The event will be at the same Peralta Trail Elementary School location as in the past, on the basketball court. But, please park in the school parking lot.
For a map with directions and instructions, visit: (Scroll down to the Peralta location).
Dress warm, bring something to sit on (we have no seating), and bring a red covered flashlight. (We can help you with that.)
While at the website, be sure to check out our updated Meet the Astronomers page to see what they look like when not peering into an eyepiece, in the dark.
The directions to park in the school parking lot are intended for the visiting public. Members bringing telescopes and other equipment may drive through the gate and park in the observing area, i.e., the basketball court. Please arrive before dark.

For those needing handicap access, you may drive through the gate and park on the left, before reaching the observing area on the basketball court.
Although, in that case, we do ask that you arrive before dark so your headlights will not pose a distraction.  
For further Star Party information and details, see the schedule  here:  
And, again, for a map and directions, see:

Thank you and as always we look forward to seeing you under the stars.

William Shaheen,on behalf of our Observers                 
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SuperMtnAstro (Owner/Moderator)
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