Public Star Party at Lost Dutchman State Park - Saturday, November 30, 2019


On Saturday, November 30th, we will (hopefully) host a regularly scheduled public Star Party, our 3rd of the current season, at Lost Dutchman State Park from 6:30 to 9:00pm MST. (Current schedule attached.)

At this point in time, the weather forecast looks questionable, according to the current 10-day forecast, seen here:

But, as many of you know, a clearing is possible on Saturday evening and we have at times in the past gone ahead under less than stellar conditions.  
So, we recommend checking the website, later in the week. If there are any changes, a notification email will be sent to this group by noon.

For this month, we will be using the Cholla Day Use Area and Park staff will direct visitors to the correct location. Please see the Map and Directions page here: (the map is showing the old Saguaro Day Use Area location - please follow Park Staff's directions when you arrive at the park).

The predicted temperature appears to be a very chilly in the evening. So, dress warm, bring something to sit on (we have no seating), and bring a red covered flashlight. (We can help you with that.)
Parking in the Observing area, where telescopes will be set-up, is reserved for club members who will be hosting and bringing equipment.
Lost Dutchman State Park staff will be present to assist and direct visitors to the appropriate parking area and we are grateful to them.
Note  - Lost Dutchman State Park assesses a $10 per vehicle entrance fee, except for hosts, presenters and volunteers, unless you have an annual pass, which is good for ALL Arizona State Parks.  

You can purchase an annual pass at the park, or visit for more information.  
For further Star Party information and details, see the schedule here:  
And, again, for a map with directions and instructions, please visit:
Thank you. And, as always, we look forward to seeing you under the stars.

SuperMtnAstro (Owner/Moderator)
Superstition Mountain Astronomical League®
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SuperMtnAstro (Owner/Moderator)
Superstition Mountain Astronomical League®