Superstition Mountain Astronomical League 2019-2020 Schedule of Events


The Superstition Mountain Astronomical League is again pleased to submit to the community its public schedule for the 2019-2020 astronomical observing season.
This will be our 9th season of proudly hosting these events, the first being in 2010. The club was founded in 2009. For those of you new to the process, an email will be sent each month with details of the upcoming star party.

In response to the enormously gratifying and growing attendance at Lost Dutchman State Park in recent months, we're going to do things a little differently this season.
Rather than alternate locations between Peralta Trail Elementary School and Lost Dutchman State Park, we will host the Lost Dutchman State Park events in the late Fall, Winter and early Spring when we have our winter members available to participate with their telescopes. And, the October, April and May sessions will be held at the Peralta Trail elementary School.
We will of course continue to support the school's STEAM night, which is hosted by the school staff. We have also invited members of the
East Valley Astronomy Club, with its several veteran observers, to join us.   

All events listed in the attached schedule are open to the public, of course. Note that the Lost Dutchman State Park has a per vehicle entrance fee, unless you have a park pass, which is a bargain in itself. The annual pass also gets you access to all Arizona State Parks.  You can learn more by visiting:   

We also now have a Facebook Group - the Superstition Mountain Astronomical League Group, which you can find here: .
This FB group will enable anyone to leave comments, questions or star party feedback and will have a link to our main portal website, .

Special event: Transit of Mercury November 11th.
We are in the process of planning a special event - the planet Mercury passing in front of the Sun. We had similar observing events (can't really call it a "star party", even though the Sun is a star) in 2012 for the Transit of Venus and in 2016 for another transit of Mercury. Details to follow by way of the Notification email group and, of course, Facebook.

As usual, there may be as yet unscheduled (yet-to-be-scheduled) activities, such as Sun Parties (for solar observing) and a possible asteroid fly-by.
To be informed of these “impromptu” happenings, please join our public Notification group by visiting and submitting your email address.

Lastly, we have an email address to respond to any questions/comments: supermtnastro@... , shown below, and you can contact us at that address.

Local newspaper editors (CC'ed) are requested to publish a notice prior to each event. If you wish me to send you a request/reminder in advance of each event, just let me know. 
We look forward to seeing you under the stars.

SuperMtnAstro (Owner/Moderator)
Superstition Mountain Astronomical League®
Email: supermtnastro@...

SuperMtnAstro (Owner/Moderator)
Superstition Mountain Astronomical League®