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Passing along the August edition of a very informative monthly e-magazine many of us in the club receive. 
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Subject: Aug 3 - Perseid Tips, Top Stories
Aug 3
Perseid Tips,
Top Stories
Becky Gillum captured Perseid meteors over the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina in August 2018. Share your 2019 meteor photos with EarthSky.
Top 10 tips for watching 2019's Perseid meteors
The 2019 Perseid meteor shower will likely peak before dawn August 11, 12 and 13, unfortunately under the light of a bright moon. But the shower is already rising to its peak. Tips here for getting the most from this year's Perseid shower.
Chandrayaan-2 successfully completes 3rd orbit-raising maneuver
India's 2nd moon mission, Chandrayaan-2, successfully carried out its 3rd orbit-raising maneuver last Monday. Its goal is to land on the moon September 7. Read more.
August guide to the bright planets
You can easily find Jupiter and Saturn at nightfall this month. They stay out well into the night. Look for Mercury as the morning darkness gives way to dawn. Mars and Venus are lost in the sun's glare all month. Read more.
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ESA and ESO confirm asteroid will miss Earth in September

Perseid meteors 2019: All you need to know

Delta Aquariid meteors peak around now

The black hole disk that shouldn't exist

Dark Rift in the Milky Way

Meet a family of NASA space robots

Joshua trees facing extinction

Why do birds sing?

How fireflies glow, and what signals they’re sending
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In early August … Spot the young moon
The moon will be easily visible to all this weekend, a lovely sight in the western twilight sky. Watch for the soft glow of earthshine on the dark side of the crescent moon. Read more
Top 10 tips for watching 2019's Perseid meteors
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Our friend Steven Sweet of the popular Facebook page Lunar 101-Moon Book caught the returning young moon last night from Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Thanks, Steven! It's this very moon that'll have waxed to a gibbous phase - more than half lighted but less than full - to appear bright in the sky on the mornings of the Perseids' 2019 peak. Here's how to get the most from this year's shower.
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