Special Public Star Party at Peralta Trail Elementary School - Saturday, November 10, 2018


On Saturday, November 10th, we will host a special edition public star party at Peralta Trail Elementary School from 7:00 to 9:00pm.
This is a make-up session for the rain-out we had on October 13th. 

Having honed our weather prognosticating skills, the coming weekend looks somewhat promising, albeit a little chilly - but no promises. 

And, actually, we will have a very nice waxing crescent Moon setting in the West, which will prominently exhibit numerous Moon craters, craterlets and a beautiful phenomenon known as Earthshine. Planets Mars and even Neptune will make a guest appearance.  Saturn will also still be viewable, but deep in the western sky.
Jupiter will have already set and Venus is now in the morning sky.

For a recap of the current status and schedule, visit: http://supermtnastro.com/  (Current schedule attached.)
The event will be at the same location as in the past, on the basketball court. But, please park in the school parking lot.
For a map with directions and instructions, visit: http://supermtnastro.com/maps-and-directions (Scroll down to the Peralta location). Dress warm, bring something to sit on (we have no seating), and bring a red covered flashlight. (We can help you with that.)
The directions to park in the school parking lot are intended for the visiting public. Members bringing equipment may drive through the gate and park in the observing area, i.e., the basketball court. Please arrive before dark.

For those needing handicap access, you may drive through the gate and park on the left, before reaching the observing area on the basketball court. Although, in that case, we do ask that you arrive before dark so your headlights will not pose a distraction.             
For further Star Party information and details, see the schedule  here: http://supermtnastro.com/  
And, again, for a map and directions, see: http://supermtnastro.com/maps-directions
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you under the stars.
William Shaheen
Mountain Astronomical League®


SuperMtnAstro (Owner/Moderator)
Superstition Mountain Astronomical League®

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