ABOUT US: The SubaruVanagon Group was created to share information and support to those interested in conversion of all VW Vans (Vanagon, T3, Transporter) to Subaru engine power!!

Please see the tips pdf file in the Files section. SubaruVanagon Group Welcome Message.pdf (pending)

CONTRIBUTIONS/BEHAVIOR: Discussion is LIMITED to the topic of putting Subaru engines into vanagon type vehicles only. Do not post about other engines, other vw vehicles, tires, or general vanagon restoration. General Vanagon discussions with no Subaru content, while valuable, belong on other Vanagon sites!

This Group is strictly moderated. Only post questions and responses that will benefit the Group at large. "Chat type" conversations between individual members and off-topic, or non-informative posts will be deleted at the discretion of the moderator. NO flames will be tolerated.

All postings, files, photos, entered into this Group shall, once entered, become the property of the SubaruVanagon Group. Information contained in this group may not be copied to another website or web hosted bulletin board system without the express written permission of the Moderator(s). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

THANKS: And finally, we all owe a great debt of gratitude to this groups original founder, Warren Chapman. 

Warren's first post was on May 13, 2000. 7,916 members, from all corners of the world, have signed up to share information (83,415 messages) since then. Warren died on Sept 16, 2009. He leaves us this extended family. Warren, we thank and love you.

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