Stockdog Trialing Rules Discussion for Contestants, Handlers, Judges

The focus is to share, discuss and learn the different organizations stockdog rules.  Everyone is welcome handler/contestant/judges. 

This is a place to share, discuss and learn.  I'll be sliding in a drawing or two.  We will review AKC, AHBA, ASCA, CKC & USBCHA.

Posting videos, with a discussion on how the run might be scored, is welcome.  Please make sure you have the handler and video photographer consent.

Posts written in a manner that demeans one type of work over another is just disrespectful and rude.   Whether you are training, trialer, rancher, or farmer all work is to be respected. 

NONE of us know everything and we are ALL learning so please be polite and courteous.  It’s okay to not like something, state your reasons AND include an idea on how to improve.  Be constructive and add value.  Any posts that don’t fall within these guidelines will result in moderation of your posts. 

Enjoy the journey, respect the rules, the judge and your fellow competitor, be a good steward, show the best sportsmanship that you can.

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