Re: Freeing end of DE Zepp in a tree?

Collin KE0IYN

The best thought I have is maybe renting a bucket truck to go up and get at it.  It might at least get you closer if you need to handle it?  Or to find where it's stuck, maybe get some very slick rope like arborist line or something similar, and tie some super bright flagging tape, and make a loop you can 'pull' along the rope and maybe figure out where it gets stuck?  You might also be able to ask someone with a drone to fly it up and look but that's a bit tough when it comes to the trees...

73, Collin KE0IYN

On Mon, Nov 7, 2022 at 8:09 AM Greg KØGW <K0gw@...> wrote:
I have a DE Zepp put up almost a year ago.  The NE end has slipped lower in the tree, so I want to move the support rope to a higher point on the tree.  I shot the new line yesterday, but now I can’t get the support rope free.  The rope goes over a branch somewhere and the end comes down the trunk, but pulling on this results in no movement.  I also have a rope looped over the antenna near the tree, so I can pull on that, but with all my weight behind it, it will also not budge.

Obviously, someone climbing the tree (a pine) could get up there, but I’m not doing that and I don’t imagine anyone else doing that either.  The rope enters the tree branches at somewhere between 60 and 80 ft above the ground.  Anybody got a really tall ladder?

Any ideas on how to free this up?
      Greg, K0GW

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