Re: End Fed half wave antenna ***post your comments***


I did a little poking around, and there are some interesting EFHW kits available from:
These are 100W+ antennas, which are a little harder to find than the QRP variety.  Lots of SARA members have transceivers in the 100W class, so many could find them useful.  The vendor is based in the Netherlands, so the prices are in Euros.  I don’t know what would be added for the shipping.

Anyone interested in the HF Kits EFHWs might like to see how a build would go.  It turns out, though it’s out of stock until “mid-July”, the ARRL is selling one of these on its web site —  There’s even a description of the build process with photos at

These kits could be interesting to a lot of folks for portable or home operation.  Maybe interested members could even build this for themselves as a club project?
     Greg, K0GW

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