Since the aim of the Group is to encourage discussion, as opposed to just being a question-and-answer forum, some basic ground rules would be appropriate:

  • All questions will be welcome, no matter how many times they have already been asked and answered, or how obvious the answers might be in documentation or the wiki archive. There are no dumb questions except the unasked question.
  • Neither personal attacks nor foul language will be tolerated. Violators will immediately be placed on "moderated" status, meaning their subsequent posts will require Moderator approval until the Moderator's trust has been regained.
  • Those posting are reminded that these forums are open to everyone in SARA, which includes new hams who have joined but may still be evaluating their membership.  So civility and courtesy is expected, even when disagreeing.
  • Postings should be limited to amateur radio topics. Antennas, radios, power supply, mobile installations, operating modes, operating techniques, operating activities, news, radio & equipment buy/sell/swap and wants listings are but a few examples.
  • Remember, the answers and advice offered in this forum are offered amongst friends and may not be the definitive one. As they say, your mileage may vary. The SARA group and responding individuals accept no risk nor responsibility for the information shared.

The intent of these ground rules is to maintain open, two-way discussion throughout the entire SARA organization.

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