Union Pacific 4-4-0 No. 165/573



I'm looking for a photo of Union Pacific 4-4-0 number 165, later 573.  She was built by Taunton in 1870 and sold in 1901.

Any suggestions?

Eric Zabilka

Wilmore KY

Robert Grady

Hi Eric, I've had occasion to search for pictures of the BU-C RR, which was a shortline in SC years ago.  What I do is search Ebay for sellers who have large amounts of photos for sale.  Chances are, they won't have anything listed I want, but I have a couple of times sent those sellers a message stating my wants.  At least twice I struck gold and got some really good pictures.  Kind of a long shot, but you gotta fish if you want to catch fish.

Good luck,



It's a good approach Robert, and I've done the same thing for a couple of the other engines I'm tracing.  I'll reach out to some of the UP sellers.

Eric Zabilka
Wimore KY