C&NW Steam Loco Missing Dispositions [2 Attachments]

Doug Cummings

It is going to take me awhile to go through this. But I checked one, BALD 61100 (C&NW 3029), and I show retired 29Dec54.



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Thanks Doug,


I've attached a couple of files. One is the roster I have and the other a list of the later missing dates. Any additions, corrections etc are appreciated.






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I have dates for many C&NW locos, even into the 1950&apos;s but it is not complete and I have no dates for some. Some are "sold scrap" dates, some are month and year, some are year only. Very few have specific (day/month/year) dates.


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While looking through my Chicago & North Western roster last night I discovered there were between 800-900 locos with no dispositions other than "on road 1948". None of my sources have shed any additional info. Anyone out there have any listings at all for these late locos?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


Allen Stanley
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