US Rolling Stock Corp


Hi All,

Have been doing some digging into this company and what little I find says they must have been a major player in the early loco and rolling stock market. Very little has surfaced so far in numerous searches.

Here is what I do know. They were formed in 1871 and ownership was common to some point with the Atlantic & Great Western RR. The goal was to build and sell and lease locos and rolling stock. I can find no evidence of them ever building a loco but they did build quite a few freight cars. Below is a link to the best data I have found.

Although the car side of the business would be fascinating in itself my interest is in the locomotives they bought, sold, leased, rented, rebuilt etc. My builders records indicate they purchased at least 80 locos from several builders in the 1872-73 period, all 4-4-0s. Probably half or more have no known history after they were purchased. I also found records of them reselling two other locos orignally sold to other roads.

A mention in a trade publication stated that as of 12-31-1880 they owned 23 locos, 51 less than the previous year. They had also rebuilt or thoroughly refurbished 26 locos.

Being able to track some of this data down might answer a whole lot of questions in rosters and builders data from ~1872-1900. An 1895 add stated they were ready and willing to build abd sell or lease freight cars of all types and locomotives.

This was the first US company with this business model. Dealers, brokers etc became more common after the Civil War but was anyone else in the game to any extent like this in the 1880s or 90s?

Any further info would be appreciated.

Allen Stanley
Greer, SC