DeKalb & Western #502


Photos exist of DeKalb & Western #502, reportedly at Cotton Plant, Arkansas, when being leased by either the Helena & Northwestern or the Cotton Plant-Fargo in the 1949-50-51-52 period.

Does roster data exist for this locomotive to determine whether it indeed was leased by one of these companies, and if so, the time frame in which it was used?


Bill Pollard


In response to Bill Pollard's post:

The roster information I have on this engine is as follows:
Baldwin 42781 / 1-1916 16x22 cyl 44" drivers 87,500lb weight
Class 1-26 E 398
New for Poplarville Saw Mill Co. #9, Poplarville, MS
To DeKalb & Western #9 by 6-1917
Renumbered #502
To St. Francis Material Co., Forrest City, AR by 7-1951

The presumption based on the above is that the lease of the engine took place after 7-1951

I also have the Baldwin builder photo and photos of the engine in service on the DeKalb & Western.

David Price
Hattiesburg, MS