Re: Russian decapod question

Doug Cummings

58867 did become SLSF 1623 eventually but was on Southern and MKT inbetween, but it is doubtful if MKT ever renumbered it. It was USA 1053 when built, then Southern 8010. 

I have another USRA locomotive question. According to Dr. Sylvan Wood, the MK&T was assigned 10 of the Russian decapods: #8000-8002, 8005-8007, 8010, 8016, 8029-30. As far as I can tell, these 8000 series numbers were given to the USA 2-10-0s by the Southern Railway. All of the engines with the exception of #8010 show up in Prince’s Southern locomotive book.  After its brief stay on the Katy, #8010 became SLSF #1623.  Can anyone tell me if Alco-Richmond c/n 58867 became USA #1033 then Southern Ry #8010, or is Wood’s roster in error. 

Another question is what was the disposition of Alco-Richmond c/n 58839. It was USA #1025, then Southern Ry #8002 to MK&T (US)8002 then the trail goes cold. any help?

Thank you in advance,

Greg Maxwell

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