Russian decapod question


I have another USRA locomotive question. According to Dr. Sylvan Wood, the MK&T was assigned 10 of the Russian decapods: #8000-8002, 8005-8007, 8010, 8016, 8029-30. As far as I can tell, these 8000 series numbers were given to the USA 2-10-0s by the Southern Railway. All of the engines with the exception of #8010 show up in Prince’s Southern locomotive book.  After its brief stay on the Katy, #8010 became SLSF #1623.  Can anyone tell me if Alco-Richmond c/n 58867 became USA #1033 then Southern Ry #8010, or is Wood’s roster in error. 

Another question is what was the disposition of Alco-Richmond c/n 58839. It was USA #1025, then Southern Ry #8002 to MK&T (US)8002 then the trail goes cold. any help?

Thank you in advance,

Greg Maxwell

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