Re: New York Central USRA 0-8-0s


Thank you to all who replied to my question about MK&T/NYC USRA 0-8-0s. Don Hensley has provided the information I was looking for. 

The numbers first assigned to these locomotives, #39-48, are numbers that fit into the MK&T's scheme. The Katy's 0-6-0 numbers end at #38. It is unclear why the MK&T did not purchase the government engines when the USRA relinquished control in March 1920. It was not because the Katy's mechanical department was unhappy with the design. In January 1920, the MK&T placed an order for 10 identical USRA copy 0-8-0s from Lima and assigned them the same numbers. Before the engines were built, the MK&T tacked on an order for ten additional identical 0-8-0s. The amount the Katy paid Lima and what the USRA was charging differed by only $100. The Lima 0-8-0s were part of a large 60 locomotive. It could be that including the replacement 0-8-0s  in a large equipment trust benefited the MK&T financially as the company was in receivership at the time. Like the NYC's engines, the Katy's Lima 0-8-0s served the railroad well. In 1953 when steam came to an end on the M-K-T, 15 of the 20 Lima 0-8-0s were still in service.
Thank you again for the information,
Greg Maxwell

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