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   Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 12:03:08 -0500
   From: Don Hensley
Subject: Mystery Steam Locomotives

Hi ya'll

I just purchased a 5x7 positive of a pair of locomotives sitting in an
engine servicing area.
Both are Baldwins and are Cabbaged Stacked and wood burners.
They are numbered 105 & 64.
The 105 is clearly a 4-6-0, while most of the 64 is hidden behind the
105. The 64 does have 6 drivers, but impossible to tell if its a 2-6-0
or 4-6-0 but I would think its the later. Could also be a 2-6-2 but I
doubt it.
The 105 is initialed CG on the bottom portion of the tender. It may be
C&G with the ampersand half the size of the letters. I thought about the
Columbus & Greenville but I have no roster for them, only a listing of
locomotives that Witbeck shot many years ago.
Any ideas here?
According to the roster published in the Delta Route by Saillard the Columbus & Greenville had neither a 105 or 64.
Greg Maxwell

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