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Mark and All:

Baldwin built the two Alabama & Vicksburg 0-10-0's for use on the incline leading to the car ferry at Vicksburg. They were indeed built as oil burners. They became I.C. #3400 and #3401, and later #3600 adn #3601. The I.C. converted them to coal. These were HUGE machines, and their boilers were large enough to require an offset bell mount for clearance! I have photos of them in all three versions. Let me know if you are interested in seeing them.

The A&V also had 2-10-2's (Baldwins, coal burners, Young valve gear). Sister VS&P ran across the flatlands of Louisiana to Shreveport, so could do with light Baldwin 2-8-2's. But the heaver grades encountered crossing Mississippi from West to East (across the flow of streams and rivers) required the additional tractive effort of the 2-10-2's. The I.C. quickly converted the former A&V 2-10-2's to 0-10-0's. Have photos of these too if you need them.

The Gulf & Ship Island never had an oil burner. All their steam locomotives burned coal.

David Price

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From the info available to me it appears that the IC had seven 0-10-0 engines. Five of these were originally Alabama & Vicksburg 2-10-2's and were built by Baldwin between 1919-1922. These were transferred to the IC roster in 1926 and between 1938 and 1941 were rebuilt by the IC into 0-10-0's and numbered 3602-3606. If any of this is wrong I'd appreciate receiving corrections.

I believe the other two engines were IC No's. 3600 and 3601 and remember having been told they were originally built for the VS&P and/or the Gulf & Ship Island but have been unable to confirm this. If either or both of these two were former G&SI engines I think they may have originally been oil burners. Any info about the history of these two engines would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Foster

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